The GCECC Difference

The GCECC Difference

Our Facility
Our beautiful facility in Dover, NH is located in a convenient yet natural setting. Established in 2003, Garrison City Early Childhood Center consists of 7 inviting rooms that provide age appropriate environments to enhance the young child.

Our Programming
The majority of our programming is focused around child directed activities and exploration. In other words, if the children continue to show interest in a theme, a toy, a puzzle, a book we continue to provide opportunities for them to explore.

Teacher And Caregivers At GCECC
We currently have a team of 30 talented and committed teachers and caregivers. All of our primary staff exceeds the State of New Hampshire’s minimum requirements needed to work with young children.

The GCECC Difference
At the Garrison City Early Childhood Center, you’ll find an unparalleled level of attentive and nurturing care, small class sizes, experienced instructors, individualized activities and consistent schedules for eating, sleeping, and play times.

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